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The Idea


Matthew and Craig like to do things differently. Horse breeding and management are no different. Looking at the breeding industry right now and it is clear things have to change. The Idea for Anglesea stud was never to take on the big boys, in fact where possible, work with them.


What we wanted to do was to offer a service and facility that caters more for the smaller breeder, those whose mares and foals are more than just a halter with a name tag on in a paddock with 20 others. We wanted to set up a place where communication is key with the owners, regular updates and pictures of their horses are send through, not just a monthly invoice!


We also know that when it comes to breeding, each mare is an individual and requires an individual touch. We believe keeping numbers small means we can get to know the mares better, and use that knowledge to better know when the mare is ready for teasing and serving. Experience has shown us that just because a mare has a folicle in the right spot, it doesnt mean she is ready to be served - so we wait for her and the teaser to tell us. Last season, this lead to a 100% strike rate on mares getting in foal first time. Results speak for themselves. Keeping numbers small also means we have the time to do all this extra handling / grooming and teasing. In our opinion this makes for a happier mare - and happy mares get in foal more easily.


So, if you have a mare that requires some special attention and some TLC, give us a call and tell us what you are looking for. We are always willing to try new ideas and work with clients to achieve the best result for all.

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